Will & Lo Stern

Worship Album Coming Late 2014.

1/3 of the way there...

4 Tracks have music, vocals are starting up this week!

3 other songs have been decided on, and tracks will start after vocals are done on the prior four.

The Heart Behind This Album

God's presence in our home is our personal highest priority, and when an album comes our way that helps us to see God in a new way or tunes our ears to hear His heart, we're incredibly grateful.

Our desire is to help others who desire more of God to get what they're after. His freedom is immense, His love is breathtaking. If there's a chance of us capturing just a glimpse of His goodness on a CD, it's worth a shot...here goes something.

About Will and Laura (Lo)

We're learning to love the way that God loves. His love and grace are so truly amazing.

We're doing our best to build a household, lifestyle & community that make a continual place for His presence. God's presence does the impossible, works wonders, and turns the broken into revolutionaries.

We love family, people, music, sushi, and, of course, Jesus.

God cares about families, communities...people who do life well together. In the western world especially, that's a journey that has to be figured out. We're on that journey.

We're based out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, and doing anything we can to build the move of God here.